Bungie – Destiny Sound Designer – Showreels

Other Work Examples 

Lord of the Rings – Cinematic Redesign 1:13

AAA Cinematic Redesign – Creature Design (Balrog), Transitions, Foley and Combat & Magic SFX. Designed in Reaper.

Destiny 2 – Gameplay Redesign 1:30

Gameplay Redesign – Character movement & pickups, “Sparrow” jet bike movement & boost, culminating in an enemy encounter & gunfight. Used combination of own recordings and library sounds, designed in Reaper.

Loddlenaut – Gameplay Trailer 1:00

Sound Design & Mix for Gameplay Trailer upcoming title “Loddlenaut”. Showcased on Wholesome Games – Game Awards Edition.

Technical Showreel -Wwise/FMOD

Wwise Implementation: Showreel  1:50

SoVGA showreel for Wwise implementation & Sound Design with Unity’s 3D Game Kit. Includes sound design – 500 assets created in 40 days. Includes cone attenuation, parameter control, 3D positioning, emitter automation, RTPCs, real-time effects, various container, switch groups & more. All designs made in Reaper

Wwise Implementation: Walkthrough 10:07

Long form in-depth video with Voice Over, explaining use of Wwise’s creative toolset in Unity’s 3D Game Kit. Showcases creative decisions, functional choices and understanding of Wwise’s tools. Includes deep dive into  random, switch, blend and sequence containers, XYZ & other RTPCs, layered sound design, events, playback limits, virtual voices, voice culling, mixing, auto ducking, user defined aux sends & more. All designs made in Reaper.


FMOD Implementation: Showreel 2:25

SoVGA showreel for FMOD implementation & Sound design with Unity’s 3D Game Kit. Includes parameter control, doppler effect, command breathing system, ambience wind machine & more. All designs made in Reaper.

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About me

Hello there, thanks for swinging by!

I’m Tom, a passionate and upcoming Sound Designer based in London, UK, with a focus on Game Audio.

I currently work as a Sound Designer for audio outsourcing company iGame.Audio. My current credits include “Soccer Story” (2022, Panic Barn & No More Robots). 

I began my journey into Sound Design after my job as an International touring session drummer was interrupted (just a tad) by the COVID-19 pandemic.

After connecting with some lovely people in the Sound Design community, I discovered the world of Game Audio. I love how it blends the world of technical implementation and artistic creativity, whilst also working closely with others to realise a creative vision.

As someone who has worked extensively with various groups of musicians & creatives to deliver creative projects, I understand what it takes to see a project come to life. I am genuinely excited by the prospect of working with a team to create a game.

I have been playing video games my whole life, and know the importance that audio plays in immersing the player in a whole new world or environment. I strive to deliver audio that will enhance the gameplay experience, supporting the visual narrative and other aspects of the game.



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