EA – DICE – Sound Designer – Showreels

Other Work Examples 

Lord of the Rings – Cinematic Redesign 1:13

AAA Cinematic Redesign – Creature Design (Balrog), Transitions, Foley and Combat & Magic SFX. Designed in Reaper.

Destiny 2 – Gameplay Redesign 1:30

Gameplay Redesign – Character movement & pickups, “Sparrow” jet bike movement & boost, culminating in an enemy encounter & gunfight. Used combination of own recordings and library sounds, designed in Reaper.

Wwise Implementation: Showreel  1:50

SoVGA showreel for Wwise implementation & Sound Design with Unity’s 3D Game Kit. Includes sound design – 500 assets created in 40 days. Includes cone attenuation, parameter control, 3D positioning, emitter automation, RTPCs, real-time effects, various container, switch groups & more. All designs made in Reaper

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About me

Hello there, thanks for swinging by!

I’m Tom, a passionate and upcoming Sound Designer based in London, UK, with a focus on Game Audio.

I currently work as a Sound Designer for audio outsourcing company iGame.Audio. My current credits include “Soccer Story” (2022, Panic Barn & No More Robots). 

I began my journey into Sound Design after my job as an International touring session drummer was interrupted (just a tad) by the COVID-19 pandemic.

After connecting with some lovely people in the Sound Design community, I discovered the world of Game Audio. I love how it blends the world of technical implementation and artistic creativity, whilst also working closely with others to realise a creative vision.

As someone who has worked extensively with various groups of musicians & creatives to deliver creative projects, I understand what it takes to see a project come to life. I am genuinely excited by the prospect of working with a team to create a game.

I have been playing video games my whole life, and know the importance that audio plays in immersing the player in a whole new world or environment. I strive to deliver audio that will enhance the gameplay experience, supporting the visual narrative and other aspects of the game.



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